ML – Waves

Tues 26 June Practice.
After we had run through the current dance (Amble Longsword 6) and a couple of the team had gone. We decided to work through some 5 dancer stuff and while the Captain was away I thought we could work through some basic rapper i.e getting in and out of Locks (stars) from Fiddler or Coach and Horses and back.

We then went onto breaking the lock into open ring and retying it from there again and showing and lowering the lock as well.

This went fairly well so I showed them Sallyport’s curly where 3 follows 2 first time round then 4 the second time. On the third time round 3 only gets half way i.e stops at the head and assists in tying the lock.

The figure is a variation on the Double-under from longsword done 2 and a half times with the top couple tuning out rather than in and there being no number 4 the first time and no number 3 the second time and if repeated from a number of positions could be said reflect either Double-under or Waves.

So to begin: from the circle 2 raises sword and turns right paired with 3 who turns left followed by  1 and 4, and lastly 5 who goes left.  Next time round 5 goes right and when he or she gets to the back open the swords out into a circle and repeat with 3 going right followed by 2 with 4 5 and 1 going left under 3’s sword under 3’s sword with 1 switching sides on the second round and finally all under 5’s sword with 3 just going straight into the lock at the end rather than open ring.

This could be our Missing Link for Waves.

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