North Skelton – short version

From tune: Welcome In the Spring by Paul Kerlee
{This sword dance is generally performed around the winter solstice}

Dancers (6) count off numbering clockwise
• Swords in right hand by hilt
• Walk 2 steps per measure (begin with left foot).

The Clash
• 1st note – low basket
• 2nd note – high basket
• Clockwise walk for A section , then clash high  6 times [B section].

The Shoulders
• Put own sword on right shoulder
• Left hand reach to grab tip of sword of person in front The Elbows [don’t let go – keep circling]
• Bring own sword over head to rest on left shoulder
• Then move to elbow level
• Then bring right hand over head to open up the circle and expand it.

Over-Your-Neighbour (One at a time, the dancers will take turns hopping over one another’s swords. Each dancer will hop over the sword of the person standing to the LEFT of them.)
• Turn to face center of circle
• #2 lowers sword as #1 raises right hand (and sword) high over head
• #1 steps over #2 with left foot (from outside circle to inside circle)
• #1 turns to right under own sword (turning under his own right arm), and brings right foot over #2 sword into circle
• #3 lowers sword and #2 goes through procedure.
<u>Double Under</u>
• #1 and #6 (both holding #1’s sword at chest height and parallel to ground)
• #3 and #4 raise arch (#4’s sword is raised high parallel to ground)
• #1 and #6 move under 4’s sword, turn away from each other and bring sword back over top of remaining dancers (they follow through)
•Then #2 and #3 (through #5 and #6)
•Then #4 and #5 (through #1 and #2).

Low Basket [let go of swords]
• Walk clockwise with low basket 8 bars[A section]
• Clash low 8 bars (16 times)[B section].

• Place sword behind person on your right (at waist level)
• All reach over the left hand and take tip of sword behind person on their left (#1 takes tip of #3)
• [All left hands on the outside]
• Bring both over heads without letting go and bring hands together (palms will be facing up)
• Slip the hilt under the point (righthand will be crossed under left)
• #1 hold up in air and parades while all keep circling and dance off.

~~~~~~~~~~~ The End ~~~~~~~~~~~~~