The Rapper

Thrales kindly sent us their notes and it looks like a good place to start:

The Amble dance is one that – according to Phil Heaton – has not been performed in the UK for over 50 years. There was a gap of some years between the last performance and the dance being collected. Both notations are written from collected memories rather than being eye witness, primary source material.
Unlike some other traditional dances, Amble was not a fixed-figure dance. Each time it was performed, the sequence of figures could be changed, as decided by number 1. In the Cassie notation several various orders of figures are provided. As these are only suggestions, any sequence of the Amble figures can be used to create a dance.
Cassie states that there is a chorus movement between knots. Thrales have decided to remove a few of the chorus movements to allow more figures to be included without the dance becoming too long. The choruses were removed between figures where the end of one figure suits the start of the next, maintaining a natural flow.

The Amble is performed as follows:
Waves – Star
Single Jump – Star
Single Guard
All Around Jump
Double Guard (Mary-Ann)
Double Run and Coup the Rapper (single tumble) – Star
Fast and Loose – Star
Three Jump – Star
Back Roll (double tumble) – Star
Tommy displays Star
Single Run (walk off)